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Silanes Handling


The safe handling of Silanes starts with the proper Design, Training, and Procedures to assure the integrity and safety of the process and employees.

  • General Handling 

  • Emergency Response Planning and Training

  • Handling Assessments

  • Engineering Design and Reviews

Incident Investigation


Proper incident review can identify and mitigate systemic Root Causes reducing the significance likelihood of future incidents.

  • Incident Reviews

  • Root Cause Investigations

    • Management system focused

    • Written Reports

Risk Management


Risk Management is comprised of risk identification, risk assessment and risk mitigation.  We can help you through these various steps to develop an appropriate management system for your organization. 

  • Understanding Risk Tolerance

  • Risk Identification

  • Risk assessment methodology

  • Risk Assessment

  • Risk reduction/Mitigation

  • Risk Monitoring

Safety Consulting

Our sixty plus years of manufacturing experience and professional certifications uniquely has prepared us to help you in many aspects in many different ways. 

  • Process Safety Assessments

  • Auditing

    • General Workplace Safety​

    • Management systems

    • Process Safety Management

  • Safety Training​

    • Development and Delivery

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